Diy Videos

iSketchPlan example videos, the below videos show some basic methods to creating floorplans. We will continue to add videos with examples of how to create different sections which make up a complete plan.

Get Started - Finding Your Way Around

The Basics 

To start off we find the simplest way to use iSketchPlan is to trace your supplied hand drawn or existing builders plan you own. Further down the page are some videos on how to import and produce a floorplan.

Watch the below basic start video to learn how to,
  • Zoom Controls (mouse wheel forward and back or by clicking the Zoom in or Zoom out buttons)
  • Pan Controls (right mouse click and drag your mouse across the screen)
  • Drawing Walls (click the add wall button)
  • Doors & Windows (click drag n drop left hand symbols onto the canvas)
  • Layer Controls (layering your canvas objects select object and click the back or font layer button)
  • Colour Code (colour code rooms as wet areas or common areas by clicking the add shape button)
  • Room Names (add room name and any text you need)

Simple Floorplan Examples


Import Plan .jpg or .png File Example

You can simply import a jpg or png scanned floorplan sketch file into your project. Just drag n drop your file into the upload box then drag n drop onto the canvas to begin creating your plan. Once you have the walls, doors and windows in place, the template can be deleted. You can then add room names fittings/fixtures and also colour code each room. To finish off add furniture symbols, just left click hold and drag the symbol from the left library panel.