Try DIY Isketchplan

iSketchPlan is totally free to try!
You only pay a small fee ($10 AUD) to remove the iSketchPlan watermark from your high quality download file in PNG or PDF format. Create fast presentation quality A4 size drawings from scratch or upload your floorplan to use as a start, save projects under your own account and pay only when you need to download a watermark free copy.
Bulk plans are also available for agents and professionals who want to create 100s of floorplans a year, We can offer you a discounted yearly access fee. Contact Here to enquire.


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Get Started - Finding Your Way Around

The Basics 

To start off we find the simplest way to use iSketchPlan is to trace a hand drawn or existing floorplan. Further down the page are some videos on how to import and trace a plan.

Watch the below basic start video to learn how to,
  • Zoom Controls (mouse wheel forward and back or by clicking the Zoom in or Zoom out buttons)
  • Pan Controls (right mouse click and drag your mouse across the screen)
  • Drawing Walls (click the add wall button)
  • Doors & Windows (click drag n drop left hand symbols onto the canvas)
  • Layer Controls (layering your canvas objects select object and click the back or font layer button)
  • Colour Code (colour code rooms as wet areas or common areas by clicking the add shape button)
  • Room Names (add room name and any text you need)

Want your layouts professionally produced?

Upload the property site/floor plans, sketches or photos and we can quote to produce quality layouts for you. Our professionally produced layouts start from $20 and we are always happy to accommodate minor adjustments and alterations after we produce the layouts as required.

Click Request Layout and fill-out the form and we'll provide a quote.



DIY Hints & Tips

  • Right mouse click hold and drag pans the canvas
  • Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out
  • Left mouse click hold and drag to select objects for easy moving around the canvas
  • Click Zoom Reset to easily reset the view back
  • Use the object grips to scale and fit objects like doors and windows
  • Use Move to Front and Move to Back buttons to layer your symbols
  • Copy & Paste buttons make it easily to duplicate objects you have scaled
  • Join 2 small sliding doors end to end to create large double sliding doors
  • Upload existing jpg or png plans and trace the walls to create plans fast